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Send us your hydraulic pump for repair

Not local to any of our shops? No problem

You can ship your hydraulic pump to our shop to have it quoted and repaired.

 Hydraulic Pump Repair and Testing

Here is how it works:

  1. Fill out the form below with your information, a description of your unit including the model number, the issue, and we will get back to you within 1-3 hours to let you know if we are able to repair your unit or if we need more information. 

  2. Once we have determined if we can repair your unit, we will email you a form for you to fill out and send with your unit.

  3. Free of charge, we will break down your unit and identify the problem. You will then receive a failure analysis report along with a quote and lead time for the repair if it is in a condition to be repaired or a replacement unit if not.

  4. After you have made your decision on how to proceed with the unit, we can begin working on it and will notify you once the job is completed and ready to ship. Once it ships, we will send you the tracking number.

All of our repairs are backed by the Cline Performance Guarantee.  We test each repair to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Cline Performance Guarantee

If repair of the unit is not desired after it has been quoted, please let us know if you would like for it to be sent back to you, or if you would like for it to be discarded by us. 

Cline Confluent/Microsoft hydraulic component tracking software

With the help of our Confluent/Microsoft developed software, we are able to utilize a unique Cline serial number (or numbering system of customer choice) to track each component that comes into our shop. Repair progress status from when your component comes in to when it is completed, can be accessed with real-time data updates through our software. Upon completion of repair, a complete failure analysis report will be forwarded to customer with clear identification of that components serial number.