Flexible Metal Hose

Flexible Metal Hose

We specialize in fabricating flexible, stainless steel metal hose assemblies

Cline knows metal hose

Corrugated stainless steel metal hose assemblies are ideal for industries that require products capable of withstanding harsh conditions, all while offering optimum performance.

To help provide a solution, we offer metal hose assemblies that are built to order, right here in-house. We take pride in our precision and level of attention to detail, which is very much needed when dealing with the harsh mediums that oftentimes flow through these hoses.


Within our main facility, there is a 3,000 sq. ft. area dedicated just to stainless steel flexible metal hose fabrication. Here, our veteran hose specialists practice their craft and create masterpieces that you can rely on.

Each metal hose assembly is fabricated to meet your exact specifications. With a multitude of industries seeking metal hose assemblies as their solution to hose longetivity and performance over traditional rubber hoses, we stock a wide array of components to be able to manufacture a hose that fits your needs.

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