Hydraulic Valve Repair

Hydraulic Valve Repair 

Expert hydraulic valve, servos, drives, ER boards repair and rebuilding

Our hydraulic valve repair specialists handle a wide range of valves, with each repaired valve in accordance with OEM specifications before shipping:

  •  Directional valves
  •  Flow control valves
  •  Pressure control

 The most common valves that come through our shop are Bosch and Vickers, but we handle just about every brand that is out there.

Not only to we handle the repairs of these components, but we also go on-site and diagnose, repair, and service the units.


Cline Confluent/Microsoft hydraulic component tracking software

With the help of our Confluent/Microsoft developed software, we are able to utilize a unique Cline serial number (or numbering system of customer choice) to track each component that comes into our shop. Repair progress status from when your component comes in to when it is completed, can be accessed with real-time data updates through our software. Upon completion of repair, a complete failure analysis report will be forwarded to customer with clear identification of that components serial number.


Fast hydraulic valve repair

Hydraulic Valve Repair