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Chicken cooling fan system

We introduced The Cline Coop Cooler in 2005, the first of our mobile outdoor cooling solutions to address the problem of heat stress in poultry (heat stress increases mortality, reduces feed consumption, and affects both meat quality in broilers and egg production in laying hens). The problem can peak during loading in a live haul trailer, so the Coop Cooler lowers the surrounding temperature of the load vehicle by up to 20° F and keeps DOAs to a minimum.

The Cline Coop Cooler is available through our Greenville South Carolina, North Charleston South Carolina, and Augusta Georgia locations.

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Customized outdoor cooling solutions

The Coop Cooler is an inline bank of eight or nine 48-inch high CFM volume fans and high-pressure Catpump®, powered by a dedicated 18 kW air-cooled diesel generator. This mobile system is mounted on a 20-foot tandem axis trailer, includes a water supply hose reel, and is compact enough for transport with a ½-ton or ¾-ton truck.

The Coop Cooler’s size make it an ideal part of mobile outdoor cooling solutions. Applications include:

  •  Athletic facilities
  •  Stadium concessions and comfort zones
  •  Auto shops
  •  Factories
  •  Chicken coops, livestock barns and kennels
  •  Restaurants






Cline in-house engineering and manufacturing mean we can customize outdoor cooling solutions to your precise specifications. And we back every Coop Cooler with The Cline Performance Guarantee.


chicken cooling fan system

Chicken Cooling fan system