Cline’s unique ability to solve our customers' problems depends heavily on Cline engineering and manufacturing. Our veteran engineering and manufacturing staff thrives on challenges — repairing, rebuilding or remanufacturing pumps, cylinders, gearboxes, electric motors, and power drive components in the Greenville and Charleston areas.

This ability inspires more than loyalty. Cline customers may start with hose assemblies or pump teardowns, but they tend to add to our responsibilities. We’re always ready to work on legacy technologies other companies can’t handle, including legacy electric motor rewinds, shaft machining, and gearbox repairs and rebuilds.

Industrial reverse engineering plus industrial manufacturing

Cline cylinder repair specialists tackle difficult jobs, like remanufacturing old cylinders and complex hydraulic repairs. Our engineering staff creates new drawings for our veteran CNC machinists, who turn out high-precision rings and seals for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Our industrial manufacturing capabilities support design validation and rapid prototyping (we completed all drawings and prototypes for The Coop Cooler and our Hard Drive Destroyer). With customer commitments in hand, we can complete the process engineering required for high-quality production. Cline’s other industrial manufacturing capabilities include:

Custom metal hose fabrication

Cylinder manufacturing and remanufacturing

Hydraulic motor, pump and valve repairs and rebuilds

CNC and manual machining capabilities

An engineering and manufacturing partner for proof of concept

Over the years, we’ve built a reputation with our customers for our willingness to tackle projects that other companies can’t handle. Our partnership with eDRsolutions on hard disk destruction is a perfect example.

In December 2004, Charles Smith, the owner of eDRsolutions, walked into Counter Sales and showed us an idea for a hard disk destruction device that offered 100% certainty of data destruction, using hydraulic power instead of degaussing.

We met with Charles Smith in January 2005 to review the project objectives and what he needed from Cline in terms of engineering and manufacturing. Two weeks later, we delivered a proof of concept. Following a successful demonstration, we developed a preproduction prototype, which led to current production unit.

With the Hard Disk Destroyer, your data’s gone and it’s not coming back.

The Hard Disk Crusher can crush 200 hard drives an hour, drilling through the spindle and creating ripples in the platter to make data recovery impossible. The device is robust, transportable and has a small footprint. It uses standard 110v power to crush a disk in less than ten seconds. The Hard Disk Crusher is ideal for military or intelligence operations that need to plan for emergency evacuation, as well as commercial enterprises that need to protect sensitive data to prevent litigation or legal penalties.

There are over 500 Hard Disk Destroyer units in service worldwide, with Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Department of Defense and the British Defense Ministry. If you’d like to know more about the technology, or you have a revolutionary hydraulic application to develop, contact Chris McDowell, our Sales Manager, at 864.233.7104.

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The Cline Coop Cooler

We engineer mobile outdoor cooling systems for:

Athletic facilities (as seen at Clemson's Death Valley Stadium)

Stadium concessions and comfort zones

Auto shops


Chicken coops, livestock barns and kennels


The Hard Disk Destroyer

Cline hydraulics give the Hard Disk Destroyer a death grip on your hard drives — crushing them, rendering them permanently inoperable and ensuring that the data they contain die with them.

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