Cylinder Exchange Program for Mobile Fleet

How it works:

CLINE ships you a “like new” remanufactured cylinder off our shelf for installation. Once your cylinder core is removed, you ship it back to us. We will then take the damaged cylinder core, break it down and do a thorough inspection. You will only receive one invoice, based on labor and materials of what it took to bring your cylinder core back to OEM specifications. We do not have any core charges. After the cylinder has been remanufactured, we will add it to our inventory for the next time that size cylinder is needed.

Benefits to the Customer

  Eliminates need for downtime of mobile fleet for common cylinder repairs

  Helps manage expenses

  Keeps inventory cost off your balance sheet


Benefits to Cline

  Commitment & exclusivity on using Cline first for common cylinder repairs

Additional Notes

If a cylinder core is BER (beyond economical repair) – Cline will look at the most economical way to replace our stocked core including, but not limited, to the following:

  Remanufacture as many parts as possible and source the remaining parts from the manufacturer

  Find another used core on the market and remanufacture it


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The Cline Performance Guarantee

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Ready for Cylinder Exchange?

Contact your Cline sales rep for more information on how to be approved for the Cylinder Exchange Program.